Tasting Notes: Saison De La Mer 26.08.13

Appearance: Cloudy orange with lots of foamy white head. As it’s cleared up, a light brown tinge has appeared.

Smell: Typically belgian. Think oasis bananorange juice. Loads of fruity esters and a little hint of spice as well.

Taste: Wheaty, fruity, light-bodied, and dry, with a slightly spicy aftertaste (Maja says sage). Essentially no residual sweetness and a touch of lingering bitterness. After drinking many bottles, I think I can occasionally detect a little medicinal off flavour, but when I look for it in the next bottle there’s nothing.

Overall: A refreshing dry beer with lovely aromatics. I could drink it all day. This batch was a huge success, especially considering it was the first batch on the system.

Lessons to take away from this batch? Adding fruit and spices to anything fermented with belgian yeast is unnecessary, since the yeast will produce lots of those flavours itself. More importantly, this batch is a demonstration that brewing with unadjusted Montreal tap water can result in a high mash efficiency. I’ve had concerns that past efficiency issues were due to water problems, but this has really put those to rest. Finally, chill haze. This beer cleared up very nicely in the fermentor, and in the bottles after carbonation as well, but once you put it in the fridge, it turns opaque right away (compare the photo above to the photo of the fermentor in the previous post), and seems to stay cloudy even after a month in the fridge.


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