Gear Profile

For those curious about what exactly I use to do small batch brewing, I thought I’d give a more in-depth description of the gear.

Measurement / Odds and Ends:


The brewer’s best friends are a hydrometer, thermometer, and sanitizer. There’s an airlock and bottling tip in here as well, and the bags on the right contain irish moss (a.k.a. dried seaweed), which is a standard clarifying agent, as well as calcium carbonate and gypsum for water modification.

Brewing Preparation:


Cleaning supplies, including two brushes and a small jar of PBW, an industry standard alkaline cleaning agent. There’s also a carbon filter to remove chlorine from tap water, a two liter Erlenmeyer flask to propagate yeast, and a two roller grain mill.

Mashing and Lautering:


The lauter tun, along with its repurposed vegetable steamer false bottom, a stainless steel slotted spoon, the sparge arm that rests on top of the lauter tun, and the brewpot, which is also used as a mash tun.



The 11 liter carboy, an aquarium heater to maintain temperature in the water bath where the carboy sits for the extent of fermentation, a canister of oxygen, regulator, and diffusion stone to oxygenate the wort before pitching yeast, a hydrometer tube, and an autosiphon.

It seems like quite a bit of gear, but almost all of it (everything but the brew pot and the shoebox) fits into two small rubbermaid boxes, one of which doubles as a water bath for the carboy during fermentation. Foot for scale.



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