Tasting Notes: Red Alert Dark IPA 04.30.14


Appearance: Definitely did not turn out red. Dark caramel or copper coloured in a small glass, brown in a regular glass. Nice thin layer of persistent head.

Smell:  Very hoppy, sweet aroma. Descriptors that came up include flowery, apricot, fig, honey, and lychee. Hard to pick out though.

Taste: Nice bitterness typical of the style, both initially and in the aftertaste, but pretty modest as far as IPAs go.  Notable maltiness as well mixed in there. Medium bodied with a nice sweet/dry balance. Maltier than a typical IPA, but no cloying sweetness present here (I get that in quite a few Quebec IPAs).

Overall: It’s very good, but nothing really “pops”. I was hoping that some of the fruity hop flavours would really jump right out at you. Next time I make something this hoppy I’ll simplify the recipe both grain and hop-wise.


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