Tasting Notes: Saison Des Pluies 04.05.14


Appearance: Straw coloured and almost transparent; just a little haze. Foamy white head made of big bubbles that subsides a bit faster than I’d like it to.

Smell:  Very unique yeasty smell. Tart citrus and pepper are probably the best descriptors, maybe pear and straw are in there as well. Smells like a saison ought to.

Taste: Balanced bitterness and maltiness. Light bodied with a dry, tart, and peppery finish.

Overall: I think this is a very true to style saison.  Light, yeasty, citrusy, tart, and dry. The low FG is clearly evident, and my glass tends to empty out quite quickly. The lower than expected head retention is interesting. I’m not sure what to pin it on. My first guesses are the new aeration method (direct oxygen instead of aeration by agitating), and the low FG. If I could change anything, I think a little more carbonation would make it even more true to style.

I entered this beer in the Montreal Ales and Lagers Throwdown, and it won second place in the saison category.


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