Tasting Notes: Saison De Seigle 24.06.14


Appearance: Apricot coloured, quite hazy (note that two months later it was brilliantly clear, this seems to be the case in general with everything I brew) and highly effervescent. Dense and creamy white head, more in line with my expectations than the head on the last saison was.

Smell:  Very much like last summer’s Saison De La Mer. A little bit peppery, but yeasty fruity citrus and orange aromas are quite prominent. The hops are certainly making a significant contribution here.

Taste: Initially sweeter and more full bodied than you would expect given the 1.006 FG. There’s a mild earthy flavour and some tartness, with a dry finish. The spicy sweet rye comes through well, and I expect that’s what’s making it seem bigger than the numbers suggest.

Overall: Fruity, yeasty, and refreshing. The light body and dryness typical of a saison was exaggerated in the peppery, crisp, and clear Saison Des Pluies. This one has more hints of fruit and a touch of earthiness to it, and the carbonation level is perfect. I’m not sure which I like more.


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