Fall Dry Stout 13.10.14

Saison season is over, so any ale is game for the next seven months or so.  This one is very similar to last winter’s dry stout, but with with the dark grains consisting of both roasted barley as well as some chocolate malt, and a real significant proportion of flaked barley in the grain bill. Intended to be served at a lower carbonation level, and with the aid of the syringe trick.


Fell a little bit short of efficiency targets, which was surprising given the consistent efficiency numbers I’ve had in the past. While brewing, I figured that the thicker than usual mash was likely responsible, at least in part. A few days later, I discovered one of the mill gap setscrews in my grain mill was loose the next time I used it, and I recall the milling being bumpier than usual, so I’m now pretty confident that was the culprit.

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size: 9L
Boil Time: 60 min
Estimated OG (brewtoad): 1.044
Measured OG: 1.039
Estimated FG (brewtoad): 1.011
Measured FG: 1.009
Estimated IBU (brewtoad): 37
Estimated SRM (brewtoad): 32
Estimated Extract Efficiency: 75%
Measured Extract Efficiency: 69%

Grain Bill
1500g Maris Otter
500g Flaked Barley
150g Roasted Barley
100g Chocolate Malt

Mash Schedule
Rest for 60 min at 65.5C, 2.6L/kg, raise to 72C for mash out, sparge to 10.5L, top up to 13L.

40g Fuggles 3.9% AA @ 60 mins

WLP007 Dry English @ ~7.5 Million Cells/mL (bit of an overpitch I suppose)

Fermentation Notes:
13.10.14: Yeast pitched, temperature at 18C.
18.10.14: Temperature gradually raised up to 21C over the first five days of fermentation.
20.10.14: Yeast has really flocced out, essentially no activity.
26.10.14: Fermentor still occasionally burps. Giving it a few more days before bottling.
30.10.14: Bottled 7.5L with 48g of table sugar (2.5 Volumes).