Tasting Notes: Fall Dry Stout 13.10.14


Appearance: Yep. Looks like stout. Very very dark brown with thick, persistent tan coloured head kicked up using the syringe trick.

Smell: Very mild, slightly sweet, with no detectable hops. This yeast seems quite subdued, in terms of the aroma. (Guest taster describes slight milky/vanilla/marshmallow)

Taste: Again subdued. Slightly roasty, but I would have liked more oomph. Imagine a very mild vanilla-choco-frappucino. Some classic british ale type sweetness in there, though no dark crystal flavours.

Overall: No flaws, but there’s just not enough there to be great. This probably goes back to the milling issue on brew day. I wouldn’t change the proportions in the grain bill at all, but I would scale it up by a factor of 1.2 or 1.3, and mill the dark grains separately using an extremely tight gap.


2 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: Fall Dry Stout 13.10.14

  1. Brendan. The only change I would suggest would be to krausen rather than use priming sugar at bottling time. I used sugar in my earliest brewing days and I always found that it reduced the body of the beer, or its oomph. I

    1. Krausening is simply too much extra work for me to consider. If you’re producing the same recipe over and over again on a regular schedule it makes sense, but my beer production is too intermittent, and krausening introduces too many extra variables.

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