Powrót Maji Baltic Porter II 10.01.15

It’s that time of year again; time for more baltic porter. I used last year’s recipe and process completely unchanged since it turned out so well. If you’re interested in seeing the process you can check out last year’s recipe.

I milled the two dark grains on their own using a very narrow mill gap, essentially turning them into flour. This should help to get as much colour and flavour from them as possible. I had better extraction numbers this time (I think the mill gap used for the base grains was also narrower than last time). I ended up with a little bit higher OG, a bit more wort in the fermentor, and a bit more wort left in the kettle. The larger total volume, relative to last year, was due to a slightly shorter and less vigorous boil, and the use of pellet hops in place of whole hops.

I didn’t make a starter this time around, instead opting to purchase two vials of yeast to get a high enough viable cell count. Pitched the yeast at 18C, and raised to 19C over 24 hours. The longer lag time after pitching was notable and expected, but I’m not convinced this means the beer will finish any sweeter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the longer adaptation phase in a more sugar-rich environment helps the yeast attenuate. Hearsay would suggest that more ester production will occur, which isn’t so desirable in this recipe, but WLP001 is known for its low ester production.  We’ll see what happens in the tasting notes.


Powrót Maji Baltic Porter

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size: 9L
Boil Time: 65 min
Estimated OG (brewtoad): 1.078
Measured OG: 1.080
Estimated FG: (brewtoad) 1.018
Measured FG: 1.017
Estimated IBU (brewtoad): 31
Estimated SRM (brewtoad): 36
Estimated Extract Efficiency: 65%
Measured Extract Efficiency: 74%

Grain Bill
1600g Maris Otter (Baird’s)
1600g Munich I (Weyermann)
200g Smoked Malt (Weyermann)
200g Crystal 80 (Baird’s)
200g Pale Chocolate (Fawcett)
100g Carafa Special III (Weyermann)

Mash Schedule
Mash I (1700g MO/Munich Mix, 200g Smoked, 200g Crystal):
Rest for 30 min at 67.5C, 2.5L/kg, drain then sparge to 8L.
Mash II (1500g MO/Munich Mix, 200g Chocolate, 100g Carafa):
Rest for 50 min at 67.5C, 4.2L/kg, drain then sparge to 13.3L.

10g Magnum 10% AA @ 60 min
15g Northern Brewer 7.7% AA @ 15 min

WLP001 California Ale @ ~15 Million Cells/mL

Fermentation Notes:
10.01.15: Yeast pitched, temperature at 18C. No activity.
11.01.15: Oxygenated once more 12 hours after pitching, temp at 18.5C. Still no activity.
11.01.15: Blowoff active with an inch of krausen, temp at 19C.
12.01.15: Blowoff active with two inches of krausen, temp at 19C.
14.01.15: Almost blew krausen out the top yesterday (see image above), temp at 19C.
15.01.15: Activity slowing, krausen down to reasonable level, temp raised to 20C.
25.01.15: Persistent krauseny goo. Just yeast? Possible infection? Temp at 19C.
31.01.15: Swirled carboy to rouse yeast. Still waiting to bottle. Temp at 18C.
08.02.15: Bottled 8L with 56g of table sugar (2.7 Volumes). Tasted Great.


2 thoughts on “Powrót Maji Baltic Porter II 10.01.15

  1. Brendan, so that I understand, you pitched 2 vials of yeast starter into the fermenter instead of building up yeast cells from a 1 starter vial? What is your secret for controlling temperature during fermentation and conditioning in your apartment?

    1. I bought two vials of yeast, and pitched most of it (two vials was a bit too much, I’ll use the leftovers for a kvas side project). The fermentor is immersed in a water bath, and the temperature of the water bath is regulated by an aquarium heater.

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