Tasting Notes: Квас Experiment 18.02.15


Appearance: Slightly effervescent muddy red brown. Head retention not good.

Smell: Sulphuric, sour and yeasty.

Taste: Brown sugar, bread, and apples (this is a bit surprising, but it’s undeniably in there) all come to mind. Notable carbonation that cuts the sweetness a little bit. But still, this is a quite sweet drink.

Overall: This is much like what I expected homemade kvas to taste like. I enjoy it, but it’s not really an experiment, since the WLP001 I pitched wasn’t responsible for fermentation. This is still a mystery to me. Perhaps it got a little too cold in the fridge and the yeast froze? Upon opening the highly pressurized bottle, the bread yeast sediment was immediately kicked up into suspension, so the initial few glasses were extremely yeasty. I would recommend letting the bottle sit in the fridge for a bit after venting it, and even then, possibly pouring through a paper towel.


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