Tasting Notes: Wee Weizenbock 11.02.15


Appearance: Effervescent cloudy copper brown. Very nice head retention.

Smell: Malty and sweet are mixed in there, but predominantly phenolic. Not in a good way either, sort of hot, peppery, and medicinal.

Taste: Again, very predominantly phenolic. It’s certainly spicy and vaguely clove-like, but really more like an intense rye spiciness. I find it very overwhelming, and the malt flavours really take a back seat.  A little on the dry side of balanced, with very nice body given the high level of carbonation.

Overall: This is a strange brew indeed, and the first batch which I’m calling a failure and pouring out bottles of. The yeast produced so much sulphur during fermentation and such an intensely phenolic beer. On the upside, the appearance and mouthfeel are great, and there’s a lot of malt flavour in there if you’re looking for it. I think the recipe is a good one to redo in the fall, using a more conventional weizen strain like WLP300.


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