Saison Des Pluies II 22.04.15

This winter and spring, I’ve been iterating past recipes and attempting to converge on some ‘regulars’ to be made repeatedly with small variations. Among these are a pale ale, a saison, and a baltic porter.

The pale ale is essentially done, in the guise of the Gyle Interrupted APA. The grain bill, yeast, and fermentation profile are set. I’ll throw in whatever fresh and fruity hops are available. The Powrót Maji Baltic Porter is fantasic, and I’ll likely enter it in competition in the fall, but I’ll still play with the recipe. I’d like to sweeten it up a little. I typically prefer very dry beers, but I expect I can make this one more well-rounded and complex with a little lighter crystal. I think it will take a long time to settle on a subtle enough chocolate/crystal/smoked malt balance.

The saison recipe is Saison Des Pluies. I love the Dupont yeast strain. There’s something very distinctive in the aroma that’s hard to pin down, and I can’t get enough of it. This is iteration number two of that recipe. A bit bigger than the first, I wanted the OG to land in the low 1050s. The NZ Wakatu hops were unavailable (no surprise there) as well as any form of Golding, so I went with a decent dose of Spalt and Saaz. Not really optimal, but this one isn’t about the hops anyway.

The rest of the recipe details are identical to the earlier version. Long low temperature sacc rest with a ten minute dextrinization rest after. Eighty minute boil. Pitch a vial of WLP565 at 18C. For the first two days, keep the fermentation temperature between 18 and 19C, and then begin ramping it up around 3 degrees a day until it hits 27C, stay there for a few days until indications of activity almost totally subside, then start going back down to 22C or so.

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size: 9L
Boil Time: 80 min
Estimated OG (brewtoad): 1.053
Measured OG: 1.050
Estimated FG (brewtoad): 1.016 (nope)
Measured OG: 1.002
Estimated IBU (brewtoad): 28
Estimated SRM (brewtoad): 4
Estimated Extract Efficiency: 75%

Grain Bill
1700g Belgian Pilsner Malt
300g Wheat Malt
100g Belgian Aromatic Malt
100g Golden Cane Sugar

Mash Schedule
Rest for 70 min at 64.5C, 3L/kg, raise to 70C for 15min, sparge to 9.5L, top up to 13.3L.

20g Spalt 3.5% AA @ 80 min
10g Spalt 3.5% AA @ 10 min
20g Saaz 3.5% AA @ 0 min

WLP565 Saison I @ ~8.7 Million Cells/mL

Fermentation Notes:
22.04.15: Yeast pitched, temperature at 18.5C.
23.04.15: Airlock active, temperature to 19C.
24.04.15: Temperature to 21.5C.
25.04.15: Temperature to 23C.
26.04.15: Temperature to 26C.
28.04.15: Temperature to 25C.
30.04.15: Temperature to 23C.
13.05.15: Bottled 7.9L with 60g of Table Sugar (2.8 volumes).


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