Tasting Notes: Gyle Interrupted APA 18.03.15


Appearance: Golden yellow with dense white head (the photo above has some deceptive white balance). Very good clarity. I have no idea why, but this grain bill seems to clear up really well, despite very cloudy runnings.

Smell: Hoppy and sweet. Pine, floral, and citrus/orange are all mixed in there. The dry hop aroma fades quickly over the weeks, so it’s no longer the hop bomb it was initially.

Taste: Light and crisp grain flavours provide a background for the hops, which are what it’s all about. Light bodied, dry, and effervescent. No lingering crystal, just a  simple bitter and slightly tart finish.

Overall: This is exactly the kind of pale ale I want to make. It’s so simple, light bodied and dry that I doubt it would do well in competition, but when it comes to hoppy beer, I like them really dry. Next time, I might add a little something to the grain bill to give it a bit more body, or just mash at a bit higher temperature to try and keep the dryness but add a bit of body.


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