Three Years Later 17.01.16

This site has been moving toward dormancy for a while now, so let me make it official. It has served as a personal log for me while I was getting to know the ins and outs of the brewing system I put together in the summer of 2013, with the added bonus of broadcasting those notes along with other general brewing advice to the world. At this point I’m very comfortable with the system, and my notes, which tend to be short and predictable, are kept in a spreadsheet I created, which automates things like adjusting for temperature on gravity readings and performing efficiency calculations.

In closing, let me make a few general remarks on what I’ve learned about brewing over the course of the last three years of using the small system.

  • Yeast makes beer, so concentrate on the cold side. Almost everything that happens on the hot side of the process is small potatoes in comparison.
  • The 10L system makes brewing much more practical. The ability to use the oven & stove efficiently and to clean the gear in the kitchen sink is massive.
  • When you find a yeast strain or recipe that you really like, use it again and again. It’s easy to over-explore and under-exploit.
  • Write a program / spreadsheet from scratch to calibrate / adjust measurements and perform efficiency calculations. It will give you a better understanding of the brewing process.

Farewell and RDWHAH.


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